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Product photography – shots that sell

If you’re serious about selling your products then high quality photographs are essential. For packshots, catalogue work, brochures, advertising, promotional materials — both online and in print.

Composition, lighting, shooting angle and image processing… all are critical in ensuring you present your product in the best possible way to potential customers. And getting high-quality digital images only begins when the shutter is released. Professional results require colour correction, clipping paths, filters, chromatic effects and much more.

Marketing is far more effective when it uses product photography. Stock photography is not going to cut it for your specialist products.

A professional product shoot will enable you to promote your products and services with images that are blur free and have that wow factor.

All of our product photography takes place in a professional studio and uses either a black or a white background, depending on what you would prefer. Post production takes place with the use of Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom.

Why use professional product photography?

Consumers expect to see the results of a custom product photography shoot these days. They want to see exactly what they are going to buy. High quality images and clipping path cut-outs are what it takes to gain their trust.

Product photographer Brackley

With Clockwork handling your product photography you will be maximising the selling power of your product shots.

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