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They don’t call us Clockwork for nothing. If you want your site to run like Clockwork, you might want to use our reliable hosting services.

If you’re not a web professional, it’s not always easy to understand all the technical gumphh about domains and hosting. It’s hard enough to get a business up and running, let alone having to worry about the ins and outs of the technical details of how long you might want a domain name, the best one to choose and whether any of that really matters.

If you’re still in the dark about what we’re saying, to put it simply, domain names are the names of websites. Domain names are the actual website addresses that people type in to the web browser to get to your website – the URL (which is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locater).

Hosting is space on a server. It’s where you put your files so that they can be accessed by the web. Without hosting, the files won’t be accessible to web users and would be sitting on your computer, accessible only be you.

A reliable, fast hosting server is key if you’d like your website to run seamlessly whilst potential customers are browsing through your new site. And it’s not just about a reliable browsing experience for your users, Google takes into consideration your site’s loading times, speed etc when ranking your site in it’s search engine listings. Something to think about when optimising your website for SEO.

Fast, reliable website hosting

There are a number of different hosting packages, and for very good reason. Not every site is the same nor does it need the same set up or power behind it in order to operate. The package that is most suitable for your site will depend on the content that you have, how it was built and what it does. That’s why there isn’t a one size fits all solution and why we offer a variety of options. No need to worry, we will guide you all the way in ensuring that you get the most suitable hosting package for the best price. We are in partnership with a very reliable hosting company with UK based servers and can guarantee you a 24/7 operation with full backups and secure management.

To ensure your website successfully launches online and stays there, call 01280 422 411.

Choosing a domain name

We can help you select the best website name for your business and then deal with all the detailed applications such as registration.

We’ve chosen hundreds of domain names for our clients, and we know what works.

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