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You may have already seen responsive web design in action, but if you haven’t then look out for them. They really are one of the coolest innovations out there right now and are considered by some as state of the art. Imagine a website that changes to suit the device that your clients are using.

Picture the content, the images, the text, titles – all moving to fit the size of the screen, whether it’s a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, you can see the adjustments taking place as you watch.

Responsive web design has the ‘cool factor’ and is cutting-edge. If you’re in need of responsive website design, please get in touch or call 01280 422 411 and see how we can help you.

Why go responsive?

The web is going mobile – here are some benefits from having a responsive website.

Effortless multi-device adaptation

The biggest advantage of responsive web design is that it’s flexible when it comes to screens. It will adjust to fit any screen on any device.

Easy to maintain

Creating and maintaining multiple versions of your website are now easy and cost effective. Your website will work on each device and you’ll only have one website to update. Saving you the headache and cost!

Improves your SEO

You will have just one page that will suit all access methods. The pile of webpages that is in effect, an online confusing spaghetti junction that you see on other sites won’t be something that you have to contend with. You’ll have one easy to remember URL to update and optimise. All of your content will be optimised for you automatically on each page for each device and for the search engine machines.

Increases mobile sales

More buying is being done over smartphones and tablets. Responsive design gives buyers an easy platform on which to work with.

Seamless user experience

Your pictures and images will be looking incredible no matter which device is used to access them. Whether it’s a Google Nexus tablet or an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, your site won’t be looking sloppy and upside down. And that’s great news for your online credibility and reputation.

Google likes responsive

The world of web design has changed, mobile and tablet friendly sites are the future. It’s no secret that Google likes responsive websites, as outlined by this Google developers information:

“With increasing smartphone usage, making a website that is friendly to smartphone users has now become a critical part of website management.

This document outlines Google’s recommendations to webmasters who wish to serve content in optimized formats for both desktop and smartphone users, and notes the common mistakes you want to avoid.

We have pages about websites for tablets and feature phones too.

Responsive design: serves the same HTML for one URL and uses CSS media queries to determine how the content is rendered on the client side. This removes the possible glitches of user-agent detection and frees users from redirects.

This is Google’s recommended configuration.”

If you’re local to Milton Keynes, Oxford or Northampton and would like to find out more about how we can design and develop a responsive website for you, contact us today.

Responsive web design

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