Email marketing is a proven way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty

At Clockwork, we produce creative email designs. We don’t mean those spammy emails sent out from companies that have paid for mailing lists. What we specialise in is carefully planned email marketing campaigns sent directly to your mailing list of opted in clients and contacts.

Email marketing design

Using the very same skills that we use to create winning websites, we create professional, made to measure email designs for your business. These can be tailored to each campaign or built as a reusable template for your convenience.

Newsletters & marketing campaigns

When it comes to communicating with your contacts, it’s often challenging to set the right pace. We will give advice on how often this should be and what to cover, whether it’s a special offer or to give greater insight into what makes your company tick.

Broadcast your email with us

We have a bespoke email broadcast system that encourages customers to read and respond. Not only does it make it easy to handle your mailing list, but it will also provide you with the stats that you need to learn from your actions. It can also be integrated into your website so that you can collect more subscribers.

Full campaign tracking and reporting

With our tracking and reporting system, you can view how successful your email marketing is. Check out how many times your emails are opened, who clicked where, when and on what products or services. This extremely valuable information can then be used to refine any future campaigns you create.

Email marketing & newsletter design…

  • Campaign design and preparation

  • Secure mailing system

  • Full tracking & reporting

  • Email marketing design

  • Website integration

  • Detailed reports

  • Email newsletter design

  • Mailing list management

  • Data Protection Act compliant


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